The 3rd International Conference on Signal Processing and Machine Learning (CONF-SPML 2023) was held online on February 25, 2023. The accepted papers of CONF-SPML 2023 will be published in IOP Journal of Physics: Conference Series (Print ISSN: 1742-6588) or Applied and Computational Engineering (Print ISSN: 2755-2721). Prof. Roman Bauer from the University of Surrey, Prof. Brian A. Barsky from the University of California, Prof. Festus Adedoyin from Bournemouth University, Prof. Arshad Hassan Khan from the Department of Electrical Engineering NUCES-FAST, Islamabad, and Prof. Mazhar Javed Awan from University of Management & Technology have given keynote speeches on related topics of computational modelling, machine learning, electronic biosensor, etc. Also, we invited authors of qualified papers to deliver oral presentations at the online session. They have presented their studies of blockchain-based service network and virtual technology. Questions from the audience were collected and answered by the presenters. The conference provided the participants with good opportunities to exchange ideas and build networks, and it will lead to further collaborations between both universities and other societies.


Title of Speech:Disposable All-printed Electronic Biosensor for Rapid Detection and Classification of Pathogens
Presented by:Dr. Arshad Hassan, Department of Electrical Engineering, National University of Computer and Emerging Science, (NUCES), Islamabad
Title of Speech:Machine Learning Applications in Energy Tax and Climate Change
Presented by:Dr. Festus Adedoyin, Bournemouth University
Title of Speech:Computational modelling of neural development: from basic principles to realistic neural systems
Presented by:Roman Bauer, University of Surrey, UK
Title of Speech:Machine Learning -- Automated Optimization
Presented by:Dr. Mukhtar Ullah, Fast school of engineering NUCES Islamabad
Title of Speech: A Simulation of Solar-Wind Powered Electric Vehicle Car Park for Reinforcement Learning
Presented by:Dr. Handong Li, Northumbria University
Title of Speech: Traffic Lights Recognition in Foggy Weather Based on YOLOv5
Presented by:Huiwen Zhang, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China